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How are requests reviewed and approved?

Sponsorship requests go through a staged review process managed by the U Card Office. Here is a glimpse:

Sponsorship Approval Process. Click for PDF.

Who is eligible?

Student groups, campus life organizations, and university departments that meet the requirements are eligible to apply.

Why was my application denied?

Applications are approved and denied for a variety of reasons at the discretion of both University of Minnesota and Huntington Bank. The reason for your denial will be in the denial email that was sent to you. Common reasons for denial are:

  • Event takes place off of University property
  • Event poses a risk to the public or participants
  • Incomplete application
  • Funding has been exhausted

How long does the application process take?

Filling out your application should take 10-20 minutes. From there, your application will be reviewed and approved/denied by the U Card Office, then Auxiliary Services or Student Affairs (depending on your group type), and finally by Huntington. It is estimated that your group will receive a decision within 3 weeks.

How long does the check take to arrive?

Sponsorship funds are sent directly from the U Card Office and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive after you receive your application approval decision.

Where can I download the logos required from Huntington?

Huntington logos can be downloaded here (U of M Twin Cities login required).

  • Approved language for use: Proudly sponsored by Huntington Bank
  • Materials using the Huntington Bank name and/or logo are required to be approved prior to use. Submit final materials to the U Card Office by emailing [email protected]
  • The Huntington Bank logo may not be altered in any way.

Where do I complete the Event Outcomes Survey?

Complete the Event Outcomes Survey within 30 days of your event at z.umn.edu/hbsoutcomes.

Complete Outcomes Survey