Take a look at some past events the Huntington Bank Sponsorship has helped bring to the University community:

Past Events

With over 1800 people in attendance, the room was packed all day which made for a lot of excitement and buzz. PBS was at the event filming Three Cricketeers...

For this event we ran the megagame Watch the Skies. A game where the players representing nations confront an alien incursion...

Throughout the night we displayed many Khmer performers, some notable ones were Dean Tan (A local Khmer singer), Wattanak Dance Troupe (A Traditional dance group), and lastly our own Angels fashion show...

The event focused on fostering a space for those who wanted to practice their Spanish and wanted to build a community with their fellow Spanish-speakers.

Indian food was served to attendees and the auditorium was full of students, family, friends and the general public. The show consisted of two halves with about 6 performances/sets in each.

This event provided an opportunity for departments in the college to collaborate with the vision of increasing the graduate degree pipeline for historically underrepresented individuals.

The Rhetoric of Health and Medicine Symposium brings together researchers, teachers, and students interested in the intersection between language and medicine.

This dinner serves as a networking event to bring alumnae together with current grads, faculty, postdocs and staff to strengthen the connections within our community.

Attendees were able to network over dinner, listen to inspirational speakers, and learn more about the successes of SWE at the UMN.

This event focused on providing a platform for students to present their research to industry professionals, professors, peers, and graduate student mentors, and learn about the process of applying to graduate school and graduate student life.